Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PMA Check: The awesome SONY HX1

PMA Check: The awesome SONY HX1

I wonder why from all the cameras I've seen so far in this PMA, this Sony impresses me the most.

Probably because it's evolution at it's best. There's not much revolutionary new ideas here. But every little thing has been improved at the best possible spec.

"Only" 9 megapixels. BUT it's some sort of new crazy sensor that can shoot CONTINUOUSLY.

It'll continuously take multiple photos of the same subject, carefully add them up to give you otherwise physically impossible results. This is called Superimposing.

Immense effort put in to eliminate all blurring in photos.

Built in panorama stitching, up to 224-degree horizontals, with a maximum resolution of 7152 x 1080.

FULL HD movie recording. In 1440x1080 AVC/H.264 no less! You'd be surprised how many cameras skip this.

Plus, an insane 28-560mm lens; all of it available during video shooting as well! Starts at f2.8.

A tad expensive at around $500. But this is a great camera! I can't find any compromises made!

Seen @ DPreview

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