Sunday, March 22, 2009

The powerful impact of Cropping

Photography by me! [Ahmed Ashiful Haque Niloy]

If you instantly understand how after just a simple cropping, these become two completely different images, you, my friend, understand cropping.

You are good. A star for you!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009




Compare this with this one I took on 2005.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

The joy of Digital Photography



This NEVER happens with film.

Money money money


Wonder how much a new lens would cost. As Nikon just started shipping the new 35mm AFS, I’m starting to think what an autofocusing f1.8 would be like.

This is Bangladeshi Money. 27000 Taka. Just a tad short of $400.

P.S. This is more of a test post, just installed Windows Live Writer again. Like it already!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Give them a print!

If you take a nice photo of someone, if you can, give them a print.

Makes them happy.
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First shots from flickr: Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G AF-S

The 35mm is being shipped out now. The first shots by the early adopters are popping up all over flickr.

The D40 looks so tiny and cute with this on! I love it!

I've found these two little groups where the new shots are being submitted to. There's a discussion going on at the Nikon D40/x/60 group.

And I also really like this set. Also by Lukas Hron.

, originally uploaded by -12°C.

First shots show: this lens can bring out incredible depth-of-field. Excellent potential bokeh. All the reviews praise the contrast it produces considering it's a 1.8 lens. Everyone but me seems to love it 'cuz its got 50mm equivalent field-of-view on DX.

But here's the problem. I don't see myself being excited by the 35mm on DX.

Opel Speedster, originally uploaded by Lukas Hron.
The focal length just isn't exciting to me. When I see the photos, I feel: "OK, now where's the rest of the picture?" (No offense Lukas, thanks for letting me use the pics for this post.)

I'm used to using the 18mm end of my kit lens, and zooming out near to the max of my 55-200mm. I like the extreme ends of my lenses, for the dramatic effect it adds to the pictures.

Plus, I checked out the 35mm focal length on my 18-55mm VR. It's very unflattering, and is maxed out at f5.3 already. So far, I don't enjoy it.

This lens is my only option at $200 for a 1.8 that autofocuses. I would like a 50mm 1.4, but that's almost $600 now. What I'd like even more is the 85mm. But that's $400, and won't autofocus on my D40x either. 

Both of my current lenses cost about $200. Maybe it's time to add another. 

I DO often push to ISO 3200, 'cuz I need it quite often. Maybe this'll really help. It DOES have such nice bokeh!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PMA Check: The awesome SONY HX1

PMA Check: The awesome SONY HX1

I wonder why from all the cameras I've seen so far in this PMA, this Sony impresses me the most.

Probably because it's evolution at it's best. There's not much revolutionary new ideas here. But every little thing has been improved at the best possible spec.

"Only" 9 megapixels. BUT it's some sort of new crazy sensor that can shoot CONTINUOUSLY.

It'll continuously take multiple photos of the same subject, carefully add them up to give you otherwise physically impossible results. This is called Superimposing.

Immense effort put in to eliminate all blurring in photos.

Built in panorama stitching, up to 224-degree horizontals, with a maximum resolution of 7152 x 1080.

FULL HD movie recording. In 1440x1080 AVC/H.264 no less! You'd be surprised how many cameras skip this.

Plus, an insane 28-560mm lens; all of it available during video shooting as well! Starts at f2.8.

A tad expensive at around $500. But this is a great camera! I can't find any compromises made!

Seen @ DPreview

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What they used for Obama's official portrait.

This here is Obama's official presidential portrait, taken with a 5D Mk II. If you zoom up close, you'll notice you can see so much detail! Especially on his face.

Well, they used a macro on him. 105mm Canon. Just goes on to show how powerful a macro lens can be when used as a portrait lens.

[Word of advice: DON'T use a macro lens for a portrait of anyone even remotely self-conscious.]

The photo is also brilliant lit. That's not the work of the 5D Mk II, though. If you zoom in on the eye and enlarge it, you can see what really were used to make the pic so brilliantly effective.

There's a umbrella on the left. With a strobe attached to it, definitely. That gives the main source of the light. And on the right a large reflector's been used. This adds some nice light on the other side of the face, so that there are no harsh shadows present.

There. Simple and efficient! And you've got yourself a great portrait, something that could even be used by the President of the United States!
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Monday, March 2, 2009

It's the photographer that really matters...

Little photography insight on Chrono Trigger for the DS.

"It's how you use the sword that's important, not just that you have the strongest one!"

The iPhone ought to have a really crappy camera, right? Check out what these guys did with them!
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