Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BREAKING: The New Nikon-Canon DE-1

Nikon-Canon DE-1

BREAKING: The New Nikon-Canon DE-1

NEW F2-iEOS mount - 18 MP - ISO 25600 - 1080p 60fps

Nikon and Canon team up for a joint effort to make the next-generation of cameras that could eventually replace Digital SLRs.

Unlike a Digital SLR, an Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens Camera has no Mirror/Prism box. Instead there is a high-quality electronic viewfinder in these compact and significantly smaller cameras. The technology works almost the same way live-view works on some of the newer DSLRs.

The most impressive feat of the new DE-1 is its new F2-iEOS mount. This is a wholly new mount, based on Canon's current EOS mount. This new mount allows the use of both Canon's and Nikon's wide array of lenses.

The mount itself modifies and repositions itself slightly so that Nikon's legendary F-mount lenses can be effectively used.

Full auto focus works for both systems, and infinity focus is possible with all lenses.  Additionally, both companies announced a new line-up of high-quality pancake lenses to compliment the new camera system.

The innovation doesn't stop there. The 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor inside the DE-1 is same basic sensor used in Nikon's flagship D3X, with added resolution to make up for the crop factor. The sensor goes up to ISO 25600 in normal shooting, opening a never before possible area of low-light photography. Sensitivity can be bumped up to ISO 51200 in a special mode.

The camera houses not one but two image and video processors. Nikon's EXPEED II and Canon's new Digic 6 processors are both used for an unparalleled image quality and responsiveness. Both sensors share the load to make the camera shoot 8 FPS while maintaining live-view.

The camera can shoot 1080p video at 60fps.

Photographers and enthusiasts can now buy and use practically any lens they want. The companies are hoping this would boost lens sales of the two companies in "today's tough and slow market."

The camera is slated to sell in late '09. Further details and price will be announced before the camera starts to sell.

The DE-1 has been developed in close collaboration of both companies. The new Nikon sensor, for example, is fabricated on Canon's assembly lines.

It's an impressive but tough achievement, and in light today's slow economic times, it's an effort well made!

It should be noted that almost any lenses for 35mm SLR cameras can be adapted to be used on the new DE-1. The press release however urged the photo enthusiasts to not do such a thing and stick to the offerings by the two companies.

This effectively ends "the long and pointless" Nikon Vs Canon debate, according to Internet blogger and annoying know-it-all Ken Rockwell. "We all made huge mistakes in the past going digital," he said. "Film is for all photographers who cares even the least bit about the quality of their work."

A senior Canon spokesperson acknowledged that it was Rockwell's recent movement against digital photography solutions that scared the two companies into joining together to work on this project. “Desperate times call for desperate measures. We believe a collaboration like this will truly benefit our customers.”


  1. Yes. I can confirm this to be totally true.

  2. That is really an nice camera,

    but you just missed two specifications which are important in my opinion.

    1. The mount itself modifies and repositions itself slightly so that Nikon's legendary F-mount lenses and the older FD Canon lenses can be effectively used.
    2. The camera can shoot both film and digital at the same time, if so the photographer wishes.

  3. Hell why don't they just merge and produce this camera?

  4. You are weak at photoshop!

  5. You know, I didn't put up ONE thing that isn't technically feasible.

    They CAN make this camera, if they want to.