Monday, February 16, 2009

I can has 10-18mm plz?

Rumor: Images for what should be a Nikkor 10-18mm surfaces.

Nikon always has been beat fairly and squarely by Sigma's offers: the unique 30mm f1.4 and the 10-20mm ultra-wide. Sure they were DX only, but they were so EXCITING! Nobody else had anything remotely close!

Nearly every awesome photographer [slight exaggeration] I've came to know had either the 30mm f1.4 or the 10-20mm by Sigma. Sometimes both. There just weren't anything like that by anyone else!

Of course, Nikon can't let things stay that way, can they?

So here comes the 10-18mm. Ready to take the popular and awesome Sigma lenses off their respective pedestals.

Nikon already just released its own Sigma-30mm-killer. Now this!

Sure this isn't official yet, and somebody just dug this up from the depths of QQ, an MSN equivalent from China. But if this is just photoshop, WOW, that's one hell of a job!

Found at NikonRumors
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