Friday, January 9, 2009

How I took this:

What I did here..

In the camera, Changed the metering mode to spot metering. Pointed the centre autofocus point towards the sun. Pressed down the AE-AF lock button, so that the exposure doesn't change as I recompose and shoot.

Popped the NEF image in CaptureNX2. Changed the white balance to tungsten, so the otherwise brown sky turned a deep shade of blue. Put colour control points: one on the sun, one on the black bits, one in the middle of the blue sky and another on near the crow. Played around with the sliders until I got the colours and contrast to my liking. Also removed one dust spot.

Saved. Exported. Popped it into Picasa, and posted it to Flickr and Facebook.

Done. All this in 34 mins from shooting the actual image.
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